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J.B. Streicher, Vienna, 1839

Serial no. 3261. The keyboard compass is 6 1/2 octaves: CC – g4. The case is in mahogany. Two pedals : una corda and damping.

J.B. Streicher, Vienna, 1839

Johann Baptist Streicher was (with Conrad Graf until 1841) the most famous piano maker in Vienna. He invented several types of instruments with English actions, Anglo-Viennese actions, and down striking actions. This instrument however is traditional Viennese, with completely leather covered hammerheads and so-called ‘Stiefeldämpfung’. 
Johann Baptist Streicher was the son of the well known piano makers Nannette and Andreas Streicher. Johann Baptist became a partner in their business in 1823.

The portrait is of Fanny Hensel-Mendelssohn of 1841.

Fanny 1841

restoration, 2016

The case of the Streicher was quite warped and had serious soundboard cracks.  

The soundboard in all its parts
Re-glueing ribs on the soundboard
Straightening the case
Original hammers