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Burkat Shudi et Johannes Broadwood Londini fecerunt 1775 

Now in the Collection of the Carl Bechstein Foundation

Double manual, 5 octaves FF-f3, serial no. 750
The case is in mahogany with inlaid boxwood lining.


Now in the Collection of the Carl Bechstein Foundation

Shudi, 1775

The instrument: Made for Lady Stavordale, delivered at Redlynch House August 10th 1775.
The harpsichord has all the modern features of its time, Venetian Swell and a machinestop, operated by pedals, 2 8’ and 1 4’ registers plus nasal and a buff stop.
In the 20th century the instrument belonged to George Malcolm, and in 1958 it was subsequently bought by Mrs. Leni van Maanen-van der Lee. After having owned it for 60 years she recently sold it to the Edwin Beunk Collection.

Shudi instruments like this were owned by Joseph Haydn (no. 762), by Frederick the Great in Potsdam (who owned 3 of these) where C.P.E. Bach played them, and by the painter Gainsborough and Maria Theresia of Austria.
The picture is an etching after the portrait of Lady Stavordale and her two daughters by Joshua Reynolds 1777.
Lady Stavordale 2


Several restorations were done in the past. The instrument carries labels to this respect. In 1902 the instrument was restored by G.W. Goss, in 1946 the instrument was in the workshop of Hugh Gough and Donald Boalch. In 1957 it was repaired by Thomas Goff and around 1990 it underwent a restoration by Walter Vermeulen (Netherlands).

Restoration labels
Broadwood’s signature under the soundboard
Closed Venetian swell