Joseph Schneider, 1850/1851, Vienna

The spectacular case is in birds-eye maple with ‘tunbridge ware’ inlays. The keyboard compass is 7 octaves AAA-a4.

Two pedals, una corda and damping.

Joseph Schneider, 1850/1851, Vienna

This instrument was especially made for the Great Exhibition in London of 1851 for the Austrian pavilion in Crystal Palace, as a showpiece of craftsmanship . Schneider, although not known today, must have been a renowned builder in those days, because Austria would certainly have sent nothing but their best. Indeed, every detail of this piano is exquisite, beautifully made, the best one can imagine.  
Everything, strings, tuning pins, hammers, dampers, all are original. 
The instrument will get new strings soon. No further restoration is necessary.

The miniature portrait is by Conrad Hamburger, 1852, probably of Geertruida Bosboom-Toussaint.