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Over 230 CD’s have been recorded with the various instruments in the collection. In the 1990’s artists like Andreas Staier, Malcolm Bilson, Robert Levin and Melvyn Tan recorded solorecitals and performed with the orchestras of John Eliot Gardiner and Philippe Herreweghe.

More recently cd’s were released by Kristian Bezuidenhout, Gary Cooper, Riko Fukuda, Paolo Giacometti, Tobias Koch, Alexei Lubimov, Costantino Mastroprimiano, Yury Martynov, Alexander Melnikov, Bart van Oort, Andreas Staier and Anneke Veenhoff (in alphabetical order). They used instruments from the collection or pianos that had been  restored in our workshop.

Andreas Staier recording on the Mueller in Teldex studio