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Mathias Müller, Vienna ca. 1810

Now in the Collection of the Carl Bechstein Foundation

The keyboard compass is 6 octaves: FF-f4, the case in mahogany. Four pedals: una-corda, bassoon, moderator, damping.

Now in the Collection of the Carl Bechstein Foundation

Mathias Müller, Vienna ca. 1810

Matthias Müller was a famous builder in his time, carrying the title ‘KK Hof Fortepianomacher (Kaiserlich Königlich priviligiert) and this instrument is a magnificent example of his workmanship. Special is the nut (the bridge on the pin block) covered with brass. It probably causes the very long tone and singing treble. 

Miniature ca. 1810

Miniature unknown lady by unknown maker


 The music stand and pedal stretcher with the pedals were missing. These parts were copied from a similar Müller from the Historisches Museum in Frankfurt.  Also the nameplate was missing, but from the metal medal in the soundboard this could be deciphered: ‘Aus de K.K. Landesfabrik des M. Mü in W.en.
The piano had suffered a quite a lot in former repairs, wrong glues, while wood and holes were cut out of the bottom to get to the soundboard. Several arms were missing from the beautiful caryatid legs.  

Recordings, a selection

Lubimov Schubert

Alexei Lubimov
Franz Schubert, Impromptus
Zig-Zag Territoires, ZZT 100102

Riko Fukuda & Paolo Giacometti
Kölner Akademie/Michael Willens
Anton Eberl, Piano Concertos op. 40 and op. 32
CPO/Deutschlandfunk, CPO 777 354-2
Mathias Mueller 1810
Andreas Staier
Beethoven, “Ein neuer Weg”
HMM 902327.28
Riko Fukuda (fortepiano), Michael Willens (director),
Kölner Akademie
Grand Concerto for the pianoforte C-dur op. 12 (1804)
Sigismund Neukomm 1778-1858
Ars Produktion, ARS 38 030