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Joseph Kirckman, London, 1806

The keyboard compass is 6 octaves, CC-c3.
The mahogany case has inlaid lines of ebony and boxwood. 
Two pedals: una/due corde and damping. 

Joseph Kirckman, London, 1806

Kirckman (also spelled Kirkman) and Shudi/Broadwood were the predominant builders of the 18th century in England, with an almost industrial output.
In the 1780’s/90’s both firms started to make fortepianos  also, which were similar to their harpsichords: their fortepiano designs basically did not differ.
Very special in this particular Kirckman piano is its length: 2.58 m.! Inside, above the soundboard there is a wooden frame (taken out for the photo) covered with paper. Is it meant as a dustcover? – that however, does not explain why the treble is not covered. 

The miniature is of an unknown lady by Pierre Louis Bouvier, 1808.

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Restoration, 2018

 The instrument has been with us in storage since 1997. The cheek was quite twisted and the pinblock had cracks. The instrument was carefully taken apart and completely rebuilt.