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Conrad Graf, Vienna, ca. 1827

Opus 1192, the keyboard compass 6,5 octaves, CC-f4
The case is veneered in walnut. 4 pedals: una-corda, bassoon, moderator, damping.

Conrad Graf, 1827

Conrad Graf, born in Riedlingen, married the widow of his teacher Jacob Schelkle and became the owner of a piano makers shop in Währing near Vienna. In 1810 he got a license to sell his instruments (as “Landklaviermacher”) in the city. In 1822 he became “Bürger” (Citizen) in Vienna and in 1825 he got the title of honor K(aiserlich) K(öniglich) Hof-Pianofortemacher.
His instruments have been played by Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Chopin, Liszt and the Schumanns.
In 1841 Graf sold his company and its building, the Mondscheinhaus, to Carl Stein.
This particular instrument was found in Sweden and bought for the collection in 2016.

Miniature of an unknown gentleman ca. 1820

Miniature unknown gentleman

restoration, 1995

 Completely restored by us in 1995 for a client in Sweden. Almost the whole piano had been rebuilt, using all its original parts. The case was straightened, the soundboard rebuilt. Everything is original, tuning pins, keyboard, pedals, although quite a few hammers had been butchered in earlier repairs…

hammers in very poor state
Rebuilding the case
Woodwork on stretcher
Various parts


Jasper Schweppe & Riko Fukuda
Franz Schubert, Die schöne Müllerin
Etcetera KTC1653
Archiv von Otter-Tan
Anne Sofie von Otter & Melvyn Tan
Lieder: Beethoven, Meyerbeer, Spohr
Archiv 469 074-2
Conrad Graf 1826/1827

Nicolas Altstaedt (cello) Alexander Lonquich (piano)
Complete werken voor cello en piano
Alpha 577 

Yoko Kaneko
Schubert, Impromptus, Moment Musicaux