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Edwin Beunk & Johan Wennink

With an extensive background in repairing and tuning the modern piano, Edwin Beunk started his own workshop in 1981. Johan Wennink joined forces with him in 1985. With his natural aptitude for any form of building and his mathematical background Johan became an inventive restorer for all kinds of reconstruction work.  It was nothing but their ardent interest in the fortepiano that resulted in their specialization in this particular field and their heartfelt respect for the craftsmanship of the piano builders of the past. In 1992 Ben Kamphuis (now retired) and Carolien Dopheide joined the team. Katja Lüthje came later and specialised in veneer and polishing works.
The team is extremely experienced in the restoration of all predecessors of the modern piano: from the Viennese ‘Hammerklavier’ from Mozart’s time up to the later pianos of the Brahms era.
But also many an instrument from London and Paris – the other piano-building centres of former days – went through their workshop before starting a new life in the hands of musicians all over the world.

IMAGE: Carolien in Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, tuning Royal Erard from Queen Hortense de Beauharnais 1808.
Carolien in Rijksmuseum Erard vleugel van Koningin Hortense de Beauharnais 1808